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King Kong series

King Kong series is designed for various types of mobile performance is designed by HY engineers team years of painstaking research, and in accordance with the many professional audio users long-term use of advice, feedback and the latest audio technology designed.

King Kong series fully consider the user-friendly design, light weight of the box, the appearance of a detailed process, flexible and diverse combinations, allowing you to use more convenient when the construction more efficient. Patented treble waveguide horn and waterproof structure. HY King Kong series of products is comparable to similar products. Whether it is the bass of the vigorous degree, full of treble and treble and penetration and delicate degree, its high sound pressure and long-term use of stability is the project and the performance of the company and the majority of user confidence!

Structure and design: King Kong is a folding active linear speaker, the box with 18mm hybrid wood plywood, external paste fire board, professional one of the box structure, the top full range of speakers through the hinge and hydraulic pole with the Full-frequency speakers easily reach the intended angle, eliminating the need for traditional speaker plug-type connection.

Power amplifier configuration: built-in a 3-channel digital power amplifier with DSP effects processor, the default three effects mode, ready-to-use, power, (4 ohms) 700 +700 + 1600 watts, operating voltage: 110V-250V wide Voltage work.

Input mode: 2-way input, 2-channel stereo output (can be converted into hand-held single-channel output), USB interface, LCD display, delay, preset mode selection button, 2-way volume knob, bass boost, Bluetooth link The

Unit configuration: AT215S subwoofer with 2 15-inch 220 magnetic 100-core woofer

Subwoofer impedance: 4 ohms Rated power: 1200 watts Frequency response range: 38Hz-300Hz Sound pressure level: 130dB

AT102S full-frequency speakers with two 10-inch 65-core rubidium magnetic unit, treble with 75 core rubidium magnetic

Full-range speaker bass impedance: 4 ohms Rated power: 600 watts Frequency response range: 80Hz-6000Hz Sound pressure level: 130dB

Full-range speakers treble impedance: 8 ohms Rated power: 200 watts Frequency response range: 2000Hz-18KHz Sound pressure level: 130dB

Features: compact, lightweight, flexible configuration, that is, then easy to use, easy to operate

Scope: mobile performance, multi-purpose hall, sports venues, etc.,

             Scope of application: 600-1000 Weight: 97kg

Product features: patented products, folding active line array speaker (save the traditional connection), save time and effort, cost savings, small and medium-sized performances can be a person to complete


型號Type —————————————— AT-215S ———————————————— AT-102S   

單元配置 Driver Components —————  15''(100mm Voice coil)*2Woofer —————  10''(65mm Voice coil)*2Woofer

                                             ——————————————————————————  3''(75mm Voice coil)*2Composite diaphragm treble

頻響范圍 Frequency Response —————39Hz-150Hz  ——————————————  45Hz-18KHz    

靈敏度 Sensitivity(1W/m)   ——————  101dB —————————————————  Bass 99dB Treble 109dB

最大聲壓級 Max SPL  —————————132dB     ————————————————  Bass 128dB Tweeter 130dB

阻抗 Impendance ——————————  4Ω —————————————————— Bass 4Ω Treble 16Ω

額定功率 Power Rated ———————— 1200W  ———————————————— Bass 600W Treble 120W

峰值功率 Peak Power ————————   2000W   ————————————————   Bass 1000W treble 240W

指向性角度 Dispersion Angle —————  85°(W)×55°(H) ——————————————N×120°(H)  

顏色 Colour  ————————————   black  ——————————————————  black

箱體尺寸Cabinet Dimensions —————  560mm(W)×1350mm(H)×810mm(D) ———— 560mm×610mm×380(H)    

包裝尺寸 Packing Dimensions  ————   580mm(W)×1370mm(H)×830mm(D) ———— 560mm×610mm×380(H)    

重量 Weight ————————————   65kg ——————————————————  39kg