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HR218 box with 18mm Zamu plywood outside the fire board, professional speaker structure, box durable, the use of aircraft cabinets with a simple system, transport, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of mobile venues, churches, sports venues.

The HR218 is a compact two-way speaker with two 18-inch (100mm voice coil) long stroke woofer drivers and a 3-inch (75mm) tweeter driver. Its characteristics are: dynamic enough, good stability, wide range of fine range. Treble fine and transparent, clear and bright, high frequency evenly distributed; in the low-frequency rounded, full, thick, with strength; with a strong bass power and accurate full-range positioning effect.



型號Type —————————————————————— HR218      


單元配置 Driver Components  ————————————— 18''(100mm voice coil)*2woofer

                                               —————————————  3''(75mm voice coil)woofer

頻響范圍 Frequency Response —————————————55Hz-18KHz

靈敏度 Sensitivity(1W/m) ——————————————— 102dB 

最大聲壓級 Max SPL  ————————————————— 133dB 

阻抗 Impendance  —————————————————— 8Ω 

額定功率 Power Rated ————————————————  1300W 

峰值功率 Peak Power————————————————— 2600W 

指向性角度 Dispersion Angle  —————————————  85°(W)×55°(H)

顏色 Colour   ————————————————————  black

箱體尺寸Cabinet Dimensions  ————————————— 520mm(W)×1310mm(H)×530mm(D)

包裝尺寸 Packing Dimensions ————————————— 540mm(W)×1330mm(H)×550mm(D)

重量 Weight   ———————————————————— 88kg