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MA series

MA series power amplifier with a mature classic 3 class H circuit design, simple and practical, stable performance, with a good soft-start system, the amplifier and sound system from the current impact; the use of high-power high-quality transformers, high-capacity audio Special filter capacitor and high current high voltage rectifier bridge reactor to ensure that the output power is strong; with limiter power output circuit, when the input voltage amplitude is too large, can automatically input voltage amplitude without distortion, to avoid cutting The use of a two-stage variable speed fan with high efficiency of the cooling system, can quickly take away the work of the amplifier generated a lot of heat, improve the protection of various circuits with excellent sound quality to win The different taste of the sound division like.


Model 型號 ————————————  Ma3001— MA5001— MA6001— MA7001—MA8001— MA9001

立體聲功率8Ω  Stereo Power  ————  300W*2 — 400W*2 — 600W*2 — 800W*2—1000W*2—1300W*2

立體聲功率4Ω  Stereo Power  ————  450W*2 — 600W*2 — 900W*2 —1200W*2—1500W*2—2000W*2

立體聲功率2ΩStereo Power —————  550W —— 800W—— 1200W——1600W —  2500W—— 2400W

橋接功率8Ω Bridge Power —————— 850W——1200W ——1800W——2400W — 2750W—— 3600W

橋接功率4ΩBridge Power  ——————1100W —  1600W——2400W——2800W——3600W—— 4600W

頻率響應 Frequency Response ———————————— 20Hz-20kHz+0/-0.5dB ——————————

諧波失真 THD+N  —————————————— ≤ 0.01%Rated Power@8Ωhms 1kHz ————————

轉換速度 Slew Ratio ———————— 60v/us —————————— 80v/us ————————————

阻尼系數 Damping Factor  —————  >450:1 —————————— >550:1 ————————————

輸入靈敏度 Input Sensitivity  ————————————— 0.775V —————————————————

輸入阻抗 Input Impedance  ————— 10k/20k ohurs,unbalanced or balanced ———————————

信躁比 S/N Ratio  ————————— 103dB —— 105dB——105dB —— 105dB—— 106dB ——106dB

電源 Main Power Supply ——————————— AC220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz————————————

電源消耗功率 Supply Power ————— 900W—— 1200W——1800W——2400W——3000W ——3600W

凈重 Net Weight  —————————  16kg ——  17kg ——   22kg ——  23kg  ——  25kg  ——  28kg

尺寸Dimensions(mm) ———————————  600Dx482Wx90H—————————————————